Our role is to understand our client’s needs through a process of discovery and exploration. The spirit engendered by our approach brings clarity to the process of defining the program and refining the connections, purpose and functionality of the client’s design aspirations. It is our goal to design, develop and influence with what we build, providing a finished project that is connected to the land and environment while providing inspirational and personal spaces for our clients.

Schematic Design 
From early conceptual and planning stages through to construction documentation and administration, our intent is to provide intelligent direction aimed at embodying value for our clients. Whether it is with individual private clients or with larger organizations composed of owners, users and stakeholders, our specialized value is based on our commitment to listen, record and respond with sensitivity to the subject and the desired objectives. Our goal is to seek creative, economic and environmentally sound solutions that meet client aspirations within their budgetary framework.
Projects begin with simultaneous analysis of program and site. We gather, observe and absorb all that we can in relation to each of these aspects. With every site we seek to enhance the best points and find ways to creatively respond to any imposed realities or restrictions to achieve positive design outcomes.
At this early discovery stage we gather and categorize the most important points to respond to and that need to be managed. A steep site may mean an opportunity to explore a more dynamic structure that can be expressed in the building and provide delight to the owner. We also take care to begin analyzing any prevalent environmental influences or conditions of the site.
Each client has the essentials of their program of requirements to bring forward in our early discussions. To many clients the desired spaces will be very specific to their ideas or experience as to what a space may be like. Our art is to extract these ideas in their purest form to ensure we catch the spirit of intention. Early meetings focus on a series of discussions and discovery as we exchange ideas and relate them to the site and to the specific functions of the project.

As our understanding of both the site and the program matures, we code the program functions and assign these functions to site locations, in effect generating a concept for the building. At this time environmental influences like wind, rain and sun exposure on the site exert their influence on the design more and more as the design evolves. These natural conditions influence the design with their own requirements for protection, sheltering or exposing presented as opportunities for expression in the massing of the building.

Design Development
With a concept in place a rough plan is generated and with it a 3D massing study so that we can begin evaluating how the building relates to the site in three dimensions. With the 3D massing model taking shape we work toward building a strong dialogue between the site and the program culminating in a successful design solution to which our client may feel intimately connected.
The design develops, is refined and begins to take on its particular character as a result of all the influences exerted on it by client, architect, site, program and environmental conditions.

Construction Documents
Throughout the design process and integral to it we research and explore the type and use of materials for exterior and interior applications. The locale of the site, the expression of the desired finished product and economics of the project will play major roles in influencing the final selections.
With the design refined and the solution meeting the aspirations of our client the project development proceeds to construction drawing and specification stage and closer to the realm of the building contractor to expedite the drawings to built reality. Under construction the team of architect, client and contractor engage in a collaborative effort to transform the design intention into physical form.