Water and Gravity

Building a home on a lot means consuming open ground. Open ground is essential for absorbing water, so less ground means less chance to absorb water from rain and snow. This means that the water that accumulates needs to be dealt with in another way. In most cases this water is funnelled with the use of gutters, downspouts and sloped driveway slabs to a storm water system run by the town or city.  This causes a burden on the town or city. The idea of requiring each new home to deal with its own accumulating site water rather than relying on the town or city is a growing requirement for many jurisdictions.

While we have provided on site dry wells (gravel pits buried in the ground to capture the water and allow it to be dispersed back into the town’s storm water system at a slower rate), we have gone one step further and provided a water storage tank buried below ground. The water that we are able to gather and store will be used for watering our garden.


DiStefano Architecture Super Tank