This interior was for the Orange Lofts in Calgary. The condo came with minimal finishes. The kitchen was almost non-existent and there was no storage. The space featured a large volume of space with 16’ ceilings and a loft bedroom space elevated over the kitchen area.

The design criterion was to remove, improve and replace all existing cabinetry and increase storage. The inspiration for the look and feel of the design was that of an early modern patisserie shop (many of which were experienced while working in Montreal) with soft yellow cabinetry and black horizontal surfaces. The kitchen was changed from an L shape to a U shape with a double loaded cabinet with raised bar surface facing the main space. There was left over space not being utilized beneath the stair that was taken over for a built in wall unit storage including fully extending drawers. The bedroom added a wall unit of closet storage along the side wall and a half-high library unit became the look-out point over the open space below.