Our Firm

DiStefano Jaud Architecture is a studio-oriented design firm. We operate with a cohesive, responsive, and sensitive approach committed to design that evokes of place and intention.

At DiStefano Jaud Architecture we work as a collaborative environment. We engage with our employees, clients, and colleagues in a supportive, inviting, creative, communicative setting.

In our designs we begin by developing a response for a built form to the sites. We look at opportunities and challenges through sketching, examining ideas of context, form, mass, and expression.

Our projects are developed and informed by their sites, program, and budget. We explore all opportunities with consideration of the views, grading, and exposure followed by a more in-depth analysis to really capture the possibilities available.

We explore the mixing of traditional and new materials to identify how or where they can be suitable. Interpreting new materials stimulates our senses, extends forms of expression, and identifies the interrelatedness of design.

We are modern in our sensibility.

We explore the ‘basic scheme’ or ‘Parti’ as we uncover the essential moves or motivation and design purpose for each building.

The organization of urban space is the result of rational and economic thinking. Our needs, preferences, desires, social norms, and economics shape our environment and as a society we come together and benefit from these shared support systems. We build upon this foundation in our design of individual, work, social and public spaces through articulating the potential for enjoyment in all life.

As a society it is our responsibility to be attentive to environmental sustainability and the impacts on our urban and natural environments. We are committed to respectful environmental design solutions that bring lasting and meaningful purpose in all our work.