Carlo and Neil work with ease together and feel this relaxed attitude translates to their work and relationships with their clients.

Carlo DiStefano and Neil Jaud built their professional relationship over the last 20 years. In 2010 they began an informal partnership in Kelowna and in 2015 officially partnered DiStefano Jaud Architecture. Since then DJA has accomplished a variety of projects in the Okanagan, across British Columbia, and Alberta.

Their extensive knowledge and years of practice offers their clientele vigor, fresh vitality, and specialized experience in all phases of architectural service delivery. DJA provides creative solutions driven by the essential needs, character, and economics of each client group.

Each project starts from the viewpoint of the questions –

  • What are the challenges and the opportunities?
  • What is the purpose and function?
  • How does the site fit within the realm of the community?

The Okanagan Valley provides a setting full of inspiration. To further inform the design process DJA brings experience and influence from across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

From north to south the microcosms present in the valley provide a diversity of context to work with. Each project broadens perspective and DJA will always strive towards a refreshed understanding. We collaborate closely with our clients to create the optimal solution for all projects.

In this way we build from an essence as a foundation to the project.