The planned new headquarters for Geometrik Manufacturing Inc. will provide the company with an expanded new headquarters and a statement of the company’s design aesthetics.

Geometrik has over 30 years of design, construction and installation experience and working with a full range of green technologies and building materials, Geometrik wood acoustical wall and ceiling panel systems adding quality and noise reduction benefits to any building particularly theatres and lecture halls. Geometrik has been operating in West Kelowna but with this move and expansion plans to root itself and its future growth firmly in Kelowna.

The majority of building area is for the manufacturing aspect that creates the acoustic panels. The office component wraps around the North West corner of the building. It is an asymmetrical with the main entry into the building at the south end of the office. This tall glass box acts to help center the composition and provide a light and airy break to the mass of the main portions of the building. The office portion features a long straight wall at its base that recalls the mass of the warehouse component but allows a regular punctuation of windows. Above this lower mass a more free form undulating wall in a contrasting colour provides relief, contrast and dynamism to the building design. The undulating form is meant to recall the movement sound has as it moves through space rebounding off of solid forms. This upper floor is set back and has an overhanging roof plane to create shadow and a visual break with the mass below. At the end (north east corner) of the office, a cantilevered wing protrudes out to again give the building dynamism.

The main warehouse is punctuated by colour and window openings to break the mass and tie it back to the office portion of the building. At the south end of the building the dust collectors that are required for the running of the facility will be concealed beneath an undulating form of corrugated metal to again provide a contrast to the mass of the warehouse component. The corrugated metal allows for the penetration of light to give the form a more ephemeral feel.