DiStefano Jaud was again brought in to develop phase 2 for Prato Square. This second phase follows along with the initial design direction and adds a further 28 rental suites to the existing 48. The importance of durability continued on with phase 2 as did the integration of alternative suite types. In phase 1 affordable suites were integrated into the suite mix but in phase 2 accessible suites were introduced in the four main floor units.

This addition also allowed for the plaza amenity to be developed. Working with Bench Site design the original plaza area was re-imagined as a more activated area with smaller gathering spaces subdivided into the overall composition. As part of the overall vision to create a sense of community within the development, small gardens and a barbecue space are integrated into the space. The softening of the building edge continues along the Leon frontage providing private patio spaces for each of the accessible units.

With the remaining 68 units to be built and the second half of the plaza still to be developed this phase provides an important step towards the final vision of the site. Phase 3 and 4 are being explored and re-imagined as part of the next steps pf the project.