St. Michael and All Angels is an interior renovation to a 100 year old church in Kelowna. Established as a heritage building for the City the church features the only operational pipe organ in the valley. With the growing and changing needs of the congregation the congregation and its managing body sought to help rationalize the seating layout and general functionality of the main space of the church.

Some of the key points of focus to be considered in the design were:

  • Reorganizing the orientation of the steps up to the altar area to allow for safer access
  • Create a stronger connection between the choir stalls and the congregation bringing music more into focus as part for all. This includes rationalizing the position of the organ key board and piano
  • Create a more meaningful and central location for the rear chapel
  • Stronger connection of clergy to congregation
  • Design should be flexible to allow for other functions to occur in main space

We worked with the governing body through various design iterations and reviews to develop a strategy that would meet the budget constraints as well as take into consideration the various key and historical elements of the church space.

The new design features a curved orientation for creating with seating switched from the original fixed linear pews to individual chairs that can be arranged however the current requirements for any gathering requires. A primary layout was created for the every day operation and gatherings for mass at the cathedral. A number of other upgrades tot eh space were also completed as part of the work.