The decision was made to move forward with one phase of the Prato Square complex design. While the full complex was conceived as a grouping of 4 buildings gathered around a raised landscaped plaza (that concealed parking below), It was decided to start at the western edge of the property with the tallest building.

While the conceptual design had been worked out DiStefano Jaud Architecture developed the design further working to meet the requirements of the design scope. As a rental building, durability was one of the key design considerations. This was both in designing a building that would endure with minimal maintenance for many years as well as ensuring interiors were robust and considered the change over of tenants that was to occur over time. As part of the design scope, affordable suites were also incorporated into the suite composition.

As the design evolved through the construction document phase some of the key design elements were:

  • Interplay of rough-hewn concrete block against smaller smooth faced brick that create frame and mass for the building and create the overall language of the building
  • Metal used as an accent material most notably as a canopy structure on the top floor that provides a brise-soleil to the top-level decks.
  • Large scale decks to provide a meaningful exterior private zone for the tenants
  • Saw tooth windows that were worked into the design in anticipation of the future phases that would abut this phase. The windows allow for clear views that orient past where the next phase will be positioned and also create drama on the elevation of the building.

DiStefano Jaud Architecture coordinated the tendering process for Phase 2 and worked through contract administration with the client and general contractor to ensure construction moved forward smoothly. We worked to manage change orders and provide alternates to ensure the budget was respected and schedule maintained.

“Once the project began construction DiStefano Jaud Architecture was very hands on in dealing with the General Contractor and Consultants enlisted for our project. He ensured that we got what had been specified, all the while ensuring that the project remained on time and on budget. He kept the lines of communication open throughout the process and was reachable at a moment’s notice.” – Marco

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